Sunday, April 4, 2010

Yet another experiment..

I have to admit I've tried some new things this Lent and also conserved some of my traditions.
I did Tai-Chi although I've missed a few classes. But I definitely need to make this a regular part of my spiritual practice. At the end of my last class the teacher showed us a form called "push hands" where you follow the energyflow of your partner in a circle and then you lead-- it is supposedly a martial art. I closed my eyes as we moved down the square dance style line. My teacher commented that I really got "into it" as I closed my eyes. My mind is always whirling in how I can expand and deepen Christian spiritual practice by borrowing from other traditions. I would love to incorporate this into a meditative chapel as a was of spiritual bonding among participants and community building.

Well, it's back to Thomas Merton and Tony Jones.

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